Welcome to Personal Arthashastra – your partner in strategizing for welfare during the time leading to retirement and the time beyond.

Retirement doesn’t indicate a specific age. It doesn’t mean quitting the work that lends meaning to life. Retirement is that phase of life when you live free – unbound by duties, social norms, expectations & ambitions.

But do you think you must accumulate mountains of cash to retire securely? Or that a multi-million net-worth is sufficient for post retirement welfare? If you do, think again.

Vinay quit job in the midst of explosive growth in the corporate ladder, in his late 40s. He then paid more attention to his passion of cycling, opened a wood-work workshop for himself and spent more time with his growing sons.

Sunil, a doctor & teacher at a medical college, in early 40s moved out of a thriving practice in a city to a small town, scaled down practice and spent more time dwelling within.

Chetan, at 34, opted to move out of an MNC and take up a less engaging assignment with a much smaller company. With the time he saved, he has been giving more attention to his son.

There are more people, who slowed down, changed course in their 30s, 40s even in their 50s.

These people retired from the course, pace and scale of their professional life. They rebalanced their bandwidth and resource allocation to ensure their welfare.

Retiring at 60 is an obsolete norm. Many people carry on with the momentum long after they’ve reached their financial goals – because they’re unconscious.

Life expectancy has reached 80-85 in affluent classes. Many retire at 60 though they enjoyed their work. Then they live with a vacuum impossible to fill. When you look around, you find people, who are quite miserable in the last couple of decades of their lives. That’s not always because their material needs are unmet or unaffordable, but because they haven’t planned this phase of their life.